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Longchen Magnetics Co., Ltd.

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Longchen Magnetics attaches great importance to engineering, quality control and customer service. Backed by expertise and longstanding experience we develop constructive solutions for your specific applications while continuously fine-tuning our product range through quality assurance programs.

Engineering Support:
Our industry-leading Engineering team is at the heart of our ability to provide you with magnetic solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Each one of our highly experienced engineers is an expert in the design and production of permanent magnet components, magnetic assemblies, and

magnetic systems. They are highly skilled in the selection and evaluation of magnetic materials and components. They are fully accustomed to working with customers at all stages of their design, and to helping you select solutions that most closely match your requirements, with cost-effectiveness in mind.
Longchen Magnetics 's Applications and Design Engineers use modern software and equipment to assist with design parameters and selection of the optimum material and magnetic solution for complex applications.
Our design engineers work closely with our process and manufacturing engineers at all stages of the design cycle, to ensure cost-effective manufacturability and to enable advance planning of fixture, tooling and other supporting components. All of our engineers take a practical, hands-on approach to helping you with your engineering needs.

Reliable Quality Control System:
One of the ways in which we believe Longchen Magnetics is superior to our competition is our quality control standards. We have developed excellent sources in China for providing rare earth elements, as well as for the manufacturing of magnet assemblies, sub-assemblies and custom components. All of our suppliers are ISO 9001 certified.
In addition to locating quality suppliers, Longchen Magnetics also manufactures magnet assemblies, sub-assemblies and custom components to your strict specifications at our state-of-the-art facility in China.

Continued Customer Service:
We know that customer service becomes extremely important when dealing with overseas suppliers and manufacturers. Longchen Magnetics goes the extra mile to ensure the highest level of quality in the products we deliver and the highest level of integrity in the customer service we provide. We regularly visit our overseas suppliers to ensure the quality you want, and we are easily reachable and responsive to any questions you may have.
Our team is first-rate, and the services we provide are as well. We partner with you to provide seamless integration of our products with your pro

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