Flexible Magnets
Hard Ferrite
Magnetic Assemblies
1. Magnetic Thumbtacks
2. Magnetic Hooks
3. Magnetic Rings
4. Flat Mounting Magnet
5. Magnetic Window Cleaner
6. Magnetic Name Badge
Flexible Magnets
Flexible magnetic material is made by mixing ferrite magnet powder with synthetic rubber or plastic (CPE, NBR etc.).It can be easily cut, slit, punched, folded and twisted without damaging the magnetic properties.
Flexible Magnetic Sheeting
1.   Available plain, with adhesive, or a variety of color options
2.   Popular for automobile signage, advertising, and crafts
3.   Do it yourself: easy to score, punch, cut, or have us do it for you
4.   30 mil standard thickness with many custom options available
5.   Write on-wipe off and inkjet printable surfaces available from stock
Magnetic Properties Physical Properties
Extruded Flexible Magnetic Strip
1.   Variety of standard widths from and thicknesses.
2.   Available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive (rubber, acrylic, or foam).
3.   Standard or high energy magnetic strength to meet your demands.
4.   Supplied on convenient rolls from 50’ to 200’ in length or bulk packaged to your requirements.
5.   Custom profiles, extrusions, and die cuts available.
Magnetic Properties Physical Properties
Flex iron sheet
1.   Engineered to receptive to magnetic material
2.   Can be used as wave-absorb appliance
3.   Thickness from 0.4mm to 1.0mm, the standard thickness is 0.7mm, up to 1000mm width.
4.   Available in rolls, cut sheets
5.   Vinyl lamination is available
6.   Easy to machine cut, stamp, score, and punch
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